Tom Dixon explores the senses and brings


to New York City

25 Greene Street, our American HQ, will become a multi-sensory lab
with a series of talks, workshops, parties and events.

Presenting the flavours, the fragrances,
the sounds, the colours & textures of the future.

12 - 14 November 2019

Tom Dixon Studio
25 Greene St
New York City
New York 10013

What's on

Open to the public 12th - 14th November


25 Greene St, New York City, 10013, MAP


Tom Dixon Party

13th November 6-9pm



Talk by Tom

An industry talk by Tom Dixon

Tuesday 12th 3-5pm - RSVP
Wednesday 9-11am RSVP

Refreshments will be served.


For more information, please contact

”As designers, we look at everything. We determine the shape, the colours and the aesthetics of a space before anything else.”

”But here in the Coal Office we wanted to explore the role that all our other - often lesser recognised senses - contribute to our experiences of design; the smell and the taste of a place, the textures and tone of a space, the sound of an interior or the weight of an object – or even the most intangible of all – the sixth sense.“

”Hence why we have called this season TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty, because after all, we are multisensory animals.”

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