Following a successful 24 Hours in Paris campaign in January, we have decided to embark on another 24-hour journey.

Not only is it our first international event post-lockdown, but it is also our first event in Denmark’s design capital. The visit to Copenhagen represents a new chapter for us since the Nordics continue to be a key market.

On Friday 4th September 2020, we will exclusively launch four new Tom Dixon collections in Copenhagen with an ambitious events schedule rolling out over 24 hours.

"The relationship between the UK and Scandinavia has been long, complex and sometimes bloody. The connection between Tom Dixon and the Nordic countries has always been warm and positive with the superior design culture of Denmark proving to be the optimal landscape to explain our design ideas.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we will travel to Copenhagen for 24 hours to present some of our absolute newness that no one else has seen yet.

It’s now time to be more mobile, to be more flexible and reach new and existing audiences in a different way. In the coming months - if we are allowed - I’d like to roll out the concept in Milan, Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing, and Melbourne."



As well as Instagram Stories, you can find live updates from Tom on here from Friday 4th September. Straight from Copenhagen.


We're kicking off #24COPENHAGEN by introducing six of our new collections, four of which are being unveiled for the very first time.

Above is our new Drinkware collection called PUCK. ⁠Using the basic forms of geometry, such as cylinders, cones and spheres, PUCK is a collection that’s resilient enough to survive in a professional cocktail environment. Anchored with a satisfyingly thick base that’s reminiscent of game pucks.


Being revealed for the first time is MILL. A set of grinders with expressed handles and sleek conical silhouettes made of stainless steel.  ⁠After all, salt and pepper play a heroic role in the kitchen. Created with longevity in mind, the vessel is designed with a robust mechanism that has been developed by experts.


For a long time, Tom has wanted to go beyond the realm of candles and diffusers and explore different methods of scenting the home, and FOG is his first experiment in incense. FOG comes in handcrafted brass, stainless steel or brass vessels. And it is being revealed for the very first time in Copenhagen.


SWIRL is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multi-dimensional, functional sculptures. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in pattern. We launched three SWIRL vases during #24PARIS in January, and there will be more SWIRL objects revealed during #24COPENHAGEN today.


You can probably tell that we are obsessed with spherical objects. In our perpetual quest for the purest forms, GLOBE stands out as the most minimal of the lot. A spherical orb, highly mirrored and perfectly reflective.


SPRING has been a series of three pendant lamps made up of stainless-steel strips with a brass finish or plated with an attractive white. Our newest addition is made with pliant ribbons of stainless steel that have been arranged like a whisk around our custom-made dimmable Tom Dixon LED disc.


Tom on his way to Denmark's design capital.


Ready to take over the city for 24 hours.


Tom and his renowned S-Chair en route to our first stop of the day...


First stop: Atelier September 📍⁠⁠

Where Tom hosts a press breakfast for journalists and celebrates the 30-year anniversary of his world-renowned S CHAIR by introducing DUET®, a collaboration with @sorensenleather.⁠ ⁠⁠S Chairs will be on display at Atelier September and upholstered in the new Sorensen leather (DUET®). A new type of full-grain leather developed with one side in nubuck and the other side in suede. A cutting-edge concept featuring a colour palette Sorensen created in collaboration with us. ⁠⁠


Tom walks through Tivoli, a funfare in Copenhagen, on his way to our next destination and talks about why he enjoys Copenhagen.


Second stop: Thorvaldsens Museum 📍⁠⁠

Tom walks through the history of Denmark whilst carrying a GLOBE pendant light, talking about his love for museums since childhood.


A little photoshoot before Tom begins his virtual A&D talk followed by a Q&A afterward.

⁠⁠In our perpetual quest for the purest forms, GLOBE stands out as the most minimal of the lot, which is why it was the perfect companion for our visit to Thorvaldens Museum.


A brief stop for lunch at La Banchina, a popular spot for Copenhagen locals this summer. Tom sets off to the next destination shortly after...


Third stop: Empirical Spirits 📍⁠⁠

Empirical Spirits (a flavour company) takes Tom on a tour of the distillery whilst talking about the different flavours of the drinks and the PUCK collection. Keep scrolling to watch the video...


PUCK featured at Empirical Spirits for the cocktail tasting.

Empirical Spirits is forever inspired by the role flavour plays in our ability to create and transport experiences.


After Empirical Spirits, Tom stops by Copenhagen Contemporary which is a modern art gallery to explore the displays.


Fourth stop: Tableau 📍

⁠⁠A visit to Tableau (@tableau_cph), a multidisciplinary design, art and flower studio located in a 19th century building in Copenhagen to photograph the new SWIRL objects. ⁠⁠Tableau functions as an art gallery, hosting exhibitions in collaboration with or curated by different artists with whom they share a similar vision.⁠⁠


Our new SWIRL objects being used to display artistic and sculptural floral arrangements, which were created by the team at Tableau. We gave Tableau the SWIRL vases and they took creative control.⁠


Our fifth and final official stop: Made a Mano 📍

⁠⁠Table set-up for our exclusive dinner at Made a Mano, hosted by both Tom and Nitai Shevach, the Head Chef of our Coal Office restaurant in Kings Cross, London. Our new SPRING pendants have been strikingly installed in the room, whilst SWIRL and MILL are displayed on the dinner table. Tableware is by Kay Bojesen.


Appetizers have been served.


Nitai Shevach talks about his collaboration with Tom Dixon for this exclusive dinner. He created a wonderful menu that is a fusion of Coal Office Israeli cuisine with a Nordic influence. An ecectic combination.


One of the entertainments of the night, bringing magic to the #24Copenhagen dinner.


Other partners who sponsored our exclusive dinner:
- Welcome drinks: Bornholms Mosteri
- Water: Bornholms Kildevand
- Beer: Pennyllane
- Tea: Cocoon Tea Artisans
- Coffee: Damn Good Coffee Company


Thanks to everyone who kept up to date with our packed agenda on our 24-hour schedule in Copenhagen! We hope you enjoyed all the content; especially watching Tom present our new collections and collaborations as he traveled from one location to another.

See you soon somewhere else in the world...



Revealed at #24Copenhagen

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