Museum of s-chair

A celebration of its 30-year anniversary.

The Extraordinary Arch will display the evolution of Tom’s renowned S CHAIR, which is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

Resembling a museum, the arch will display Tom’s early designs of the S CHAIR for Cappellini and different variations of the design over the three decades.

Leather designer, Bill Amberg will re-interpret the S CHAIR by upholstering the design in a robust saddle leather from Sorensen; a collaboration called DUET®.

DUET® is a new type of full-grain leather developed with one side in nubuck and the other side in suede. A cutting-edge concept featuring a colour palette Sorensen created in collaboration with Tom Dixon. ⁠


Born in Tom's 80's London workshop, the S Chair has been re-engineered.

The original three-dimensional form is now moulded in an industrial hard/soft form with a pure wool cover. The instantly recognisable serpentine curves are now more comfortable and ergonomically active than ever. It sits proudly on its steering-wheel inspired cast iron base.

For LDF 2020, Tom Dixon unveils OCTAGON.

Representing the multifaceted nature of our brand whilst exploring 8 different architectural spaces defined by our product collections.

12 - 20 September 2020

Coal Office
1 Bagley Walk
Kings Cross