Tom Dixon’s furniture icons, FAT and WINGBACK, now come upholstered in Kvadrat fabrics in hundreds of different colours.

Carefully selected to perfectly pair with Tom Dixon’s designs, the new upholstery offering spans across six Kvadrat collections and the full colour spectrum. From vibrant piece-dyed woollen textiles to sumptuous stretch velvet, there is a FAT or WINGBACK available for every room, every décor and every occasion. 

The new two- and three-seater sofas are the latest additions to the FAT family.

Products that are available in 264 colours across 5 different fabrics (Category A/B/C/D):

FAT 2 Seater Sofa (NEW)

FAT 3 Seater Sofa (NEW)

FAT Dining Chair

FAT Lounge Chair

FAT Stool 75


WINGBACK Micro Chair

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Unicoloured Hero 2 is a full-bodied upholstery textile designed by Patricia Urquiola. A new iteration of Hero, it is characterised by its soft texture and exceptional colour richness, and comes in a sporty new palette comprising over 30 nuances.

Hero 2 exemplifies Kvadrat’s commitment to Conscious Design Principles. It is primarily woven from wool, a renewable resource, and is re-engineered to contain recycled nylon instead of virgin nylon. Consequently, it is suitable for recycling.

The expansive new palette for Hero 2 showcases Patricia Urquiola’s singular approach to colour design. It comprises a dynamic scale of subtle yet vibrant hues inspired by nature that explore tonal associations, including a series of non-traditional interpretations of red.

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Divina Melange 3 is a vibrant piece-dyed woollen upholstery textile reminiscent of felt. Cheerfully simple, it comes in a fresh, versatile palette by artist and designer Finn Sködt.

Compact, comfortable and extremely smooth, Divina Melange 3 expresses colours and the shape of furniture particularly well. It is constructed by weaving the yarn in a simple binding after which it is subjected to pressure and high temperatures. This milling process, which is often associated with fine tailoring, transforms the material from coarse to a soft and uniform, felt-like surface.

Produced by piece-dyeing a dark or light grey melange, the textile’s colour palette perfectly reflects Finn Sködt’s pure aesthetic. The new colour scale combines signature nuances, such as hot pink, forest green and Finn Sködt’s favourite ultramarine, together with chalky notes and neutral shades. These are meticulously picked from the designer’s extensive colour library of hand-painted samples, documenting the colours that he has used in his paintings for decades.

Unlike previous editions of Divina Melange, the new colourways go beyond pairs of light and dark versions of the same colour. Instead, they combine pairs of complimentary yet different tones to deliver a greater degree of diversity. Divina Melange 3 is versatile and hard-wearing.

Consequently, it is suitable for both public and private spaces alike.

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Melange Nap is a woollen upholstery textile characterised by exceptional depth of colour and surprising details. Designed by Akira Minagawa, it offers a distinctively unique melange expression.

Extremely soft yet durable, Melange Nap appears to be brushed. It is constructed with a unicoloured and a melange yarn, which creates a graphic pattern of tiny dots that play across its surface.

The volume of details that emerges from the surface of Melange Nap depends on the contrast between the yarns. Some of the darker colourways almost appear unicoloured whereas others have an intriguing multi-coloured look.

Akira Minagawa: ‘Melange Nap transforms an interior into ‘scenery’ within its space. The colour compositions are inspired by six elements from the natural world: Forest, Sun, Ocean, Minerals, Earth, and Dune. Each expression of the textile harmonises with its surroundings in an individual way, while creating a sense of the peace that comes from nature.’

Suitable for public and private spaces, Melange Nap comes in a number of colours derived from upholstery textile Forest Nap, also designed by Akira Minagawa. Consequently, they combine particularly well.

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Kvadrat’s first textile Hallingdal has become the archetype of woollen textiles. The very durable upholstery fabric was originally designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditzel who is known as one of Denmark’s great designers.

Hallingdal 65 is made of wool and viscose: the wool provides excellent durability and flexibility, whilst the viscose adds brilliance and depth to the colour. Both materials are dyed before they are spun, which highlights the rich texture of the fabric. The versatile palette includes neutral and strong, primary colours. Some colourways are unicoloured, others are constructed from 2 different unicoloured yarns, and the rest are created using unicoloured yarns in combination with melange yarns.

Hallingdal has been continually produced by Kvadrat since the company was established and it remains one of the best selling textiles of the Kvadrat collection.

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Gentle 2 is the only knitted stretch velvet upholstery textile on the market. Designed by Febrik, it comes in a refreshed colour scale and combines an inviting presence with a sumptuous, soft pile.

The textile is constructed by knitting loops through a base layer and subsequently shearing the surface. Thanks to a subtly striated surface which derives from the naturally irregular thicknesses of the woollen yarns, Gentle 2 features a rich surface with an elegant shine.

Gentle 2 has a particularly opulent feel as it is laminated onto a 2mm thick base foam. This ensures the textile stands out with a voluminous expression that sets it apart from traditional woven velvets.

The updated colour palette neatly compliments Gentle 2’s soft, comfortable expression. It comprises light pastels and clear bright hues, such as lavender, cream, tangerine and electric blue.

Suitable for public and private spaces, Gentle 2 offers excellent stretchability due to its knitted construction. Consequently, it clings to curves in a particularly elegant way and is ideal for upholstering organic shapes, as well as any other form.

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A curled bouclé fabric, Elle drapes and curves around furniture like an elegant designer coat. The spun bouclé yarn created by blending wool, viscose and acrylic gives the surface a soft tactility.

During the subsequent dying the yarns take the colour differently, creating captivating shifts within the same tones. This effect and a slight sheen from the acrylic blend bring life to the voluminous textured bouclé surface.

Elegant neutrals range from oyster, coffee, pearl white, light ivory and caramel to cactus green, concrete grey, nutmeg, mud brown and ink. Taking cues from fashion, brighter contrast colours are sunset orange, rust, plum and aqua.

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